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Our Services

Highly qualified team of Optometrists ready to provide you with professional eye care services and management

Comprehensive Quality Eye Examinations

Our Examination procedures involves a full assessment and diagnosis of the following:

  • Visual health and function
  • Binocular evaluation (How well the two eyes work together and muscle integrity evaluation)
  • Ocular health assessment which includes but not limited to glaucoma screening and diabetes monitoring, cataract detection and corneal health assessment

Contact Lenses

Thinking of getting contact lenses? Come in for a full assessment and management plan of action. Our Optometrists are well trained in the overall evaluation and management of all your contact lens needs.

Driver`s License

Professional vision screening for your driver`s license is done at any of our branches. The screening we do doesn’t replace a full eye examination. If during the screening process we discover that you require a full eye examination, then your Optometrist will advise so before proceeding forward.

Your vision is our priority and we would not want you getting on the road without clear comfortable vision.

Eyewear Repairs and Sales

  • Spectacle adjustments are done at all our branches subject to an assessment of the spectacles.
  • We ensure our repairs are done timeously with care and efficiency so as to not inconvenience you in any way.
  • We also offer replacement parts and accessories at all our branches.
  • We have a wide range of quality eyewear brands and trends on sale at all our branches.